RB Councilman
Diels on the
Measure EE:

"Theirs is arbitrary. Ours is specific. Theirs is complicated. Ours is
simple," he said.

- Diels Quote from The Daily Breeze

We agree that Measure EE is simple.

Measure EE does not include
specific density guidelines, square footage thresholds and traffic counts.

That is about as arbitrary as you can get.



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In November 2008, Measure DD successfully passed and was placed in the Redondo City Charter as Article XXVII.


The City's Ballot Measure EE is dEEceptive
Residents Cannot Vote on What Matters Most

The City's Measure EE calls itself "the Coastal Zone, Open Space, Parks and Single Family Residence" Initiative - but do not be deceived.

If Measure EE really wanted to make sure Redondo residents have a vote on zoning changes, their measure could have been built with resident input and put onPhoto by Paulus Rusyanto the ballot with community support.

Measure EE was written at the last possible minute in closed session between two Redondo Beach Councilmen and the Mayor, was posted for the ballot at the absolute minimum amount of time and was passed by Redondo Beach Council after 11PM on its first hearing with less than one hour of discussion.

“This is a reaction to the initiative…. I wouldn’t have proposed doing a land-use ballot measure otherwise,” explained Diels. – Quote from RB Councilman Diels, The Beach Reporter

This quote from Redondo Councilman Diels, made on the night the Council approved EE, says it all.

They are not interested in making sure we have a vote on dense development. They are hoping Measure EE will draw away our vote so that neither will qualify.


The City's Measure EE EEvades Zoning Changes
EE Ignores Zoning Changes That Erode our Quality of Life

The BBR Land Use Initiative was driven by zoning changes that converted business and public property to high density condo zoning.
Measure EE allows this to continue without a vote.

The real question is what exactly does Measure EE do to help curb overdevelopment by bringing it to a vote?



In November 2008, Measure DD successfully passed and was placed in the Redondo City Charter as Article XXVII.


Comparison Chart - DD vs. EE


Measure EE EEvades Zoning Changes, for example:

The Residents' BBR Measure DD is Designed to Give The People a Vote on Any of These Critical Zoning Changes

We urge you to make your decision based on facts and not scare tactics - please vote “NO” on Measure EE and vote “YES” for Building a Better Redondo's Measure DD.

Learn more about land use changes and Measure DD -- Here

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Which Measure should you Trust?

The BBR Resident's: Measure DD

- written by ReDonDo residents for residents

- backed by the signatures of over 6000 registered Redondo voters who put it on the ballot

- gives Redondo residents a REAL say
on development
in Redondo through
the vote


Measure EE for Insiders and Developers

- written by the City without resident input

- does not require a vote on the conversion of even more business property to condo zoning

- does not require a vote for the type of zoning changes we are likely to see: conversion of school and city property to condo zoning

- does not give Redondo residents the vote on what really counts

- Out of $18,759 raised by Measure EE supporters from April through June 2008:

-- $10,000 was from California Association of Realtors
-- $5,000 was from MCL Marina Corp -
the company that owns King Harbor
Marina and directly benefits from the recent rezoning of the harbor adding
over 400,000 additional square feet of development including timeshares.

-- $1,500 was from Redondo political insiders like Council members,
planning commissioners, school board members, the treasurer ...

Do not be fooled!

Vote YES on DD
No on EE

Why Measure DD
Protects Redondo