This 2008 the City brought us more open space!
No we were only dreaming...

In Spring 2008, the City increased the harbor zoning to allow an additional 400,000 square feet of development and raised the building height to 45 feet over much of the harbor.

This huge additional development is like adding Plaza El Segundo to our harbor.

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DON'T BE dEEceived

Measure EE

What are the Benefits of Measure DD?

This is a BBR Archived page. In 2008, Measure DD passed and became apart of the Redondo City Charter.

Redondo is a great place to live, work and play in. Our City has a beautiful harbor and beaches, great schools and businesses. We have city and community groups we can be proud of.

Our history also includes major land use decisions that have negatively affected our quality of life for years to come.

Building A Better Redondo's Measure DD will give residents a vote on large scale development which will:

- Help abate traffic and gridlock
- Help promote local business
Protect our schools
- Protect our harbor
- Protect our quality of life now and into the future

Why We Need Measure DD Now - Looming Development Plans

Even after the Heart of the City development was stopped by community volunteers, the City continues to promote the same goals of dense development in the harbor area.

Did you know that,

Despite the Planning Department’s claim that the 2008 proposed Harbor rezoning would not support a huge shopping center-like development, the City's own paid consultant, Larry Kosmont, stated:
“Redondo’s Waterfront…should be able to obliterate the Grove"
more here on LA Curbed

Photo By Andrew AndersenDid you know that,

With Measure DD firmly in place any large scale developments will go to Redondo residents for a vote.

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"The people of Redondo Beach, whose quality of life and property rights are at stake, should have the power to decide … whether a proposed major change in allowable land use is worth the added congestion and density it will cause." -Quote from BBR Initiative

Measure DD - Written by ResiDents for ResiDents to Protect Us Now and In the Future

Despite running on “quality of life”, “balanced growth” and "anti over-development" platforms, many of our Redondo city council members have consistently approved overdevelopment.

Dense residential development has not been the answer to Redondo's financial woes. Local business is the mainstay of Redondo's economic future.

Our Council and City staff may change but with Measure DD in place, we are assured that developments will not be passed in order to "balance the budget" without a public vote.

Measure DD - Good News for a Troubled Harborfront

Photo by Andrew AndersenThis Spring 2008, the City used the old Heart of the City (HOC) Environmental Report to justify a massive upzoning to our harbor.

Using a flawed environmental analysis despite evidence (including their own recent traffic studies) that it significantly underpredicts environmental impacts is one way overdevelopment happens.

Simply put, the use of the HOC Environmental Report allows increases to the zoning cap above 400,000 additional sq ft.

This square footage is like putting Plaza El Segundo or another West Los Angeles Style "Grove" Mall on our harborfront.

We looked closely at the City's decision-making process in developing the harbor and challenged the myths and assumptions they use to justify promoting such a large scale development without a vote.
Read BBR Commentary Here (pdf).

The good news is that Measure DD requires using a current and accurate traffic study for each new proposed large scale development so we know what we are voting on.

The City's Measure EE - EEvades Zoning Changes
EE Ignores Zoning Changes That Erode our Quality of Life

The city has proposed their own ballot Measure EE - called the "Coastal Zone, Parks and Open Space, single family Residence Initiative". Please do not be dEEceived by this title.

The real question is what exactly does Measure EE do to help curb overdevelopment by bringing it to a vote?

Get The Facts - Not Scare Tactics - compare the two

Detailed Comparison OF MEASURE DD and EE

We need Measure DD to Help Local Business and Stop Blight

Case Study: Torrance Blvd.

Starting in 2006, in addition to the Harbor upzoning, the Council began to rezone Torrance Blvd first proposing 400 condos or mixed use condos.

An important historical corridor to the Redondo Pier, Torrance Blvd. has the potential to be upgraded to a thriving business zone. It is a perfect walking corridor leading to the Pier and could follow the example of other beach communities by offering professional offices, upscale restaurants and shops that neighborhood residents and visitors alike could use.

Torrance Blvd. is exactly a situation where blight thrives because commercial properties are allowed to become run-down so any development looks better than none.

Torrance Blvd. demonstrates that the City trend of approving residential zoning for business property incentivizes blight.

For example, the owner of the abandoned car wash, which is an eyesore that attracts vagrants and grafitti, has been waiting for the City to approve condo zoning for his property.

Why would any commercial property owner invest in their business property when the Planning Department and Council will most likely approve more lucrative residential zoning?

Measure DD will bring some clarity into the process taking dense development and large zoning changes off the table or bringing it to a public vote. It's that simple.

Measure DD Protects Property Owners

DD treats all Residents as Equals – Residents are protected Equally on real Zoning Changes

With Measure DD - Redondo R1 residents can vote on large scale development as well as Resident's in R2 and R3. Overdevelopment affects us all - we all deserve the right to vote on it.

This is NOT the case with the City's Measure EE - See here

The City's current zoning allows growth in Redondo by over 5000 additional housing units.

Most of these new homes will be condos according to the Redondo Beach Housing Element 2000. For a City our size - it is considered a generous amount of new building by any standards.

Measure DD does not affect these future 5,000 residences or any current zoning because it only affects dense rezoning.

This protects our property rights now and into the future.

Measure DD allows a Vote of The People only when the City wants to bypass current zoning and push through increased density.

Above Aerial Photo: Dense mixed-use condos jammed onto PCH. by the City. Want to be able to vote on this type of development? Then VOTE YES on Measure DD in Nov. and NO on Measure EE.

For a closer look at Redondo's current zoning, check out the most recent RB City Zoning Map (2005) Click here (pdf format)

Measure DD - We Need to Send a Clear Signal About Density and Development in Redondo

Redondo is a Great City - Measure DD Can Make It Even Better

From regular under representation of real traffic and other quality of life impacts to zoning changes approved after midnight at Council Meetings - it's clear we need a vote on large scale development.

In a recent City survey, well over half the Redondo residents polled support voting on major zoning changes.

The input of residents at workshops, planning meetings and council meetings should be an important barometer for the City as it moves forward with land use planning. Unfortunately, community input regarding the imbalances have had little or no impact in Redondo's land use decision process. We remain without a vote.

The community cannot sustain costly and wasteful referendums for each major large scale development proposal just to allow the people to vote on it. Measure DD gives the people a say once and for all by bringing large scale zoning changes up for a vote.

We believe the land use initiative process which gave us Measure DD is the only means that the residents of Redondo have to ensure that their desires on land use are implemented. We have a great City and Measure DD can make it even better.

Want More facts?


Past History worth remembering: Heart of the City (HOC) – 2002

Industrial and Retail Mega-Development changed to 2998 condos
- stopped by citizen referendum
- Supported by current 2008 Mayor Mike Gin
- Supported by current 2008 Councilman Pat Aust
- Supported by current 2008 Councilman Steve Aspel, Planning Commissioner during the Heart of the City
- Supported by current 2008 Councilman Matt Kilroy
- Supported by current Planning Commissioner and former Councilman, John Parsons

These are the same folks who are now supporting the City's Ballot Measure EE.

Who is my Councilperson? Find Out Here

-- This past year, East of Catalina in the Heart of the City Zone – Commercial property and Public property were rezoned by the City Council, against the wishes of the community and the Planning Commission, to a whopping 89 condo units = 23 units per acre.

- Fun Traffic Fact: 522 more car trips per day will come from this one dense lot alone.

Interesting UCLA Report on Redondo's Failed Heart of the City (pdf)

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- Redondo Beach is the 43rd densest municipality in the United States (2000 census, cities over 50,000 residents)

- Redondo Beach traffic corridors and major intersections are at or near capacity

- At rush hour PCH slows to less than 12 MPH and can drop to 6 MPH

- Critical intersections are already at unacceptable Levels of Service of E or F, the worst ratings intersections can get

- Local Emergency rooms divert patients 20% of the time because they are over capacity

- Redondo Beach has only 2.2 acres of parkland per 1000 residents (including the beaches!) - LA is at 8.2 acres per 1000 residents

Local business is the mainstay of Redondo's economic future, not large-scale condo

Want to help Redondo's future?