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"[We] have the initiative and referendum in Nebraska; do not disturb them.

If defects are discovered, correct them and perfect the machinery ... make it possible for the people to have what they want ... we are the world's teacher in democracy; ... the world looks to us for an example.

We cannot ask others to trust the people unless we ourselves are willing to trust them."
- William Jennings Bryan

Building a Better Redondo Initiative Synopsis

Note: This is a BBR Archived page. The Land Use Initiative (Measure DD) became law in 2008 amending the Redondo City Charter.


The BBR initiative is designed to ensure that the will of the voters of Redondo with respect to major land use changes is carried out.

"The people of Redondo Beach, whose quality of life and property rights are at stake, should have the power to decide … whether a proposed major change in allowable land use is worth the added congestion and density it will cause." -Quote from BBR Initiative

The initiative is not an attempt to stop growth and change. If a majority of the voters agree a specific land use change is good for the people of Redondo Beach, they will approve it.

The initiative does not affect current zoning and therefore does not impact the rights of current landowners.

The BBR initiative applies the majority of its text to making precise definitions and attempting to prevent loopholes.

More Details here

“It is the purpose of this article to:

(a) Give the voters of Redondo Beach the power to determine whether the city should allow major changes in allowable land use, as defined below, by requiring voter approval of any such proposed change, and, thereby ensure maximum public participation in major land use and zoning changes proposed in the city;

(b) Ensure that the voters of Redondo Beach receive all necessary and accurate environmental information on proposals for major changes in allowable land use, so that they may intelligently vote on any such proposal;

(c) Ensure that city officials provide timely, accurate and unbiased environmental review of all proposals for major changes in allowable land use, so that they may minimize their adverse traffic and land use impacts and maximize neighborhood compatibility before the voters decide on any such change;

(d) Ensure that all elements of the land use change approved by the voters are implemented; and,

(e) Protect the public health, safety and welfare, and the quality of life, for all citizens living or working in the city, and for all visitors to the city.”

- Quote from BBR Initiative Measure DD

Initiative - full text here

More about the BBR Initiative - here


The New BBR Initiative - Even Better

The new land use initiative resubmitted June 18 is substantially the same as the previous initiative but with the following changes:


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